About BGBT + Me 


welcome to my blog and thank you so much for joining me on my journey. Here are a few things you should know about me:

+i like to get shit done

+slightly lazy on occasion 

+i am passionate about feminism (intersectional feminism is the only feminism)

+i am hella pro black 

+i am still learning 

+i consider myself an artist… so I’m sensitive about my shit! 

+ i started blogging in seventh grade. my blog helped me gain a lot of confidence during a time when I was not strong enough to love or be proud of myself. 

+ afro-Latina

+ this blog is titled “Bill Girls Blog Too” but is not just a space for ONLY black girls. I wanted to create something that was special and unique to us but not limited to others. 

+ i love myself & love seeing other people love themselves. 
When I created this blog I was in the seventh grade and I began writing and journaling as an outlet for my stress and insecurities. Now a lot of people might wonder… what kind of stress can a seventh grader be under? Well, everyone knows and might agree that middle school up until high school is a hard time for everyone especially girls. From trying to figure out who you are and what your purpose is to constantly being told what you should be and what you should look like, insecurities will begin to eat anyone alive. I went through a stage where I only wore basketball shorts and sweaters so you couldn’t see my stomach and couldn’t not notice when my thighs jiggled ( crazy right?). When I began this blog I started to see a shift in my attitude and the way I treated myself. The power that came with being able to write and let out all I was feeling left me feeling invincible. So here we are- Black Girls Blog Too. 
My main goal for “black girls blog too” is to have a platform where black girls & women can feel free, create, practice self-love and bond as sisters together while relating to the differences and similarities we share in our lives. I have struggled with self-love for many years and I know one of the main things that has helped me overcome my insecurities has been seeing other women love themselves unapologetically. Although this blog does not have a specific subject it focuses on i.e fashion, lifestyle, music etc. I would like to think that is a good thing! I will be talking about all of my interests, my self-love journey, journal topics and, my life for the most part. My intentions are not to try and educate anyone or change anyone’s mind, but to give insight into my life and what it is like to be 18 navigating through the world. My interests are forever changing as I am extremely fickle but that is what will be the most exciting part of this blog… never knowing what I am going to talk about or do next. I hope whether you are a woman my age, older, or younger, or you may not look like me, or come from where I come from, or speak the way I speak- you are able to connect and form a sisterhood w/ me through my writings and posts and find similarities in our life journeys. 
Please feel free to contact me 💻🌸📞

+Email: jdmmcneil@gmail.com 

+Instagram: @fiftyshadesofj_

 ( Personal Page) 

@BlkGrlsBlogToo__    ( blog page) 

+ Snapchat: @justice_mcneil 


  1. Jazleen · November 24, 2015

    Hey! I just wanted to say that I love your blog! And that I am you #1 fan! Lol love ya!

    Liked by 1 person

    • jumcneil · November 24, 2015

      Lmao😂 thank you jazzy I Love You 😘😘


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