Finding a Community On Instagram

A few updates since I have been gone:

I have not been blogging for a while so here are just a few updates from while I have been away!

  • I landed an on-campus job for next semester which I am really excited about because I didn’t work this past school year so it will be nice to build more connections and to have some more dollaaas.
  • I haven’t been blogging because… life. So, I have been using Instagram as my “primary” social media account to stay connected with “yall”. I have added different story highlights such as food, words, journaling etc to give yall some inspiration and just a look into what I am up to on a daily basis since I do not blog often.
  • I finished the school year with all A’s and two B’s which is pretty decent. The first semester I made deans list which was a big deal for me at the time but given all of the emotional exhaustion and stress the first semester had on me, I am not really worried about making Dean’s list or anything like that. I just want to do good and feel good about what I have done.
  • Also, I came out to my family as bisexual in March so…(SURPRISE!! LMAO)


I posted a poll on my Instagram story and asked my followers if they would be interested in me making a list of Instagrammers I recommend to follow. I always get dm’s asking about different self-care and self-love tips and I always find myself giving the same advice and encouragement I have found on Instagram. With today’s technology and the world of social media it can be easy to get tied up in feeling insecure and like our lives are not good enough. I have found that for me, social media has been a huge role in my self-love journey. Seeing different people going through the same things that I go through and seeing how they cope with their insecurities and differences has helped me to do the same. I discovered Instagram when I was in seventh grade which was the exact time I started to notice just how insecure I was about my hair and my body. I had a pink sweater I wore almost every day, I wore two bras (gross) and I wore basketball shorts almost every week. My hair was relaxed so when it was not straightened I tried to manage to pull all of what little hair I had at the time into a bun and I would hold it all together with a headband and hella bobby pins. Just typing these details feels like a punch in the gut because I was in such a dark place at the time emotionally and really feel like no one took notice to it. Since I was on Instagram I started following pages that resonated with me and who I identify with. Instagram was an easy way for me to find an online community of women and young girls who were going through the same things that I was going through at that time.

I always say whatever I choose to do in life, I always want to make sure I am helping someone. With my Instagram, I want to make sure that I am showing people, not just women and girls, that it is okay to be flawed, imperfect and have insecurities. To the little girl, boy or non-binary folx out there that may be viewing my page or any page on Instagram and feeling the way that I was feeling when I was small I want you to know: You are so incredible. You will overcome your insecurities and your beauty and your intelligence is one of a kind. Do not aspire to be like anyone else except for yourself and always remember even if you feel like there is no one cheering for you, know that I am.

I have been uplifted by so many people on Instagram that it has encouraged me to use my own platform to do the same thing for others. Even though I really wanted to list all of the 3000 pages that I follow on Instagram I was able to make a “small” list of some of the pages I would recommend to anyone who needs encouragement, authenticity, love, self-care tips etc on their timeline. Although these are not all of the pages I have been impacted by these are some that I found myself referring to pretty often.  I hope you follow the ones that catch your eye and I hope they are able to inspire you as much as they have inspired me!

Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 7.45.32 PM.png

We are all a community, when we love ourselves we are able to love each other.

Love, J


  1. angelyn · June 1, 2018


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  2. Siani Colon · June 1, 2018

    Congrats on all those accomplishments! I’m glad in the time you weren’t blogging a lot of positive things happened. There’s negative sides to the internet and a lot of people who have a lot of negative things to say about it, but you highlight an important part of the internet. A lot of us may feel alone in our regular lives but with the internet, we can connect with people who live beyond us and even without personally knowing them, they can still have an impact on us. I love Alex Elle’s posts and can’t wait to check out these other Instagrammers! (And thank you for inclusive nonbinary folx as well!)

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    • Justice · June 1, 2018

      Thank you so much Siani💛 I appreciate you!!


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