Voices For Puerto Rico

As we are all aware of the devastating disaster that has touched Puerto Rico I would like to share a website that is aiming to send support and donations to Puerto Rico and all of the victims affected by this devastation. Donald Trump has done little to nothing to help support our family, friends, and victims in Puerto Rico and we have to take the necessary steps to save our people at all costs. Voices for Puerto Rico’s mission is to

“identify and support non-profit local organizations working directly with the community to provide basic resources, including proven alternative solutions to housing, accessing solar energy as well as offering art, cultural and sports initiatives in an effort to promote emotional, physical and mental health.” – Voices Of Puerto Rico, Founded by Roselyn Sanchez.

I ask that you please visit this website and find it in your heart to donate and to help out in any way that is possible for you to do so. Please Visit http://www.voicesforpuertorico.com/about for more information about donating, helping and about who Voices Of Puerto Rico is.

Love, J

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