The Next Big Step

In March, I was accepted into my number one school Temple University on my birthday. I almost did not apply to Temple because I felt like I was not going to get in but I applied anyway and I am glad I did. I am majoring in Communications & Social Influence. I am not sure what exactly I plan or want to do with my degree once I graduate but I assume I will figure that out over the course of the next four years. My move in day was on Thursday and let me tell you… it was hectic. With well over 1,000 students on campus plus parents and family members, there was so much going on at once. We had to park along the side of the side walk, unload our car, I had to go check in and get my room key and grab a cart to put my stuff in. Of course, the cart was not big enough to fit all of my stuff in at once so we ended up having to take two trips. My mom came up to my room and cleaned before I got up here which was really nice because it saved us some time. Did I mention I am on the 10th floor of an 11-floor building? Yup, just my luck I am on the tenth floor so that made move in just as hard because waiting for the elevators took forever. Once my parents and I brought all of my things up to my room we began unpacking and setting up the room only to discover my fridge didn’t fit … anywhere! We had to compromise and put my fridge under my bed because that’s basically the only place it’d fit in my room. Once my room was set up and basically finished, my parents and I went out to dinner before they headed home ( here come the tears).

As much as I did not want my parents to leave I know that obviously, they had to. I’ve never been without my parents for long periods of time so the thought that I will be living on my own 24/7 without them is scary for me. My mom and I are super close so it was hard to say goodbye but my parents made the transition as smooth and painless as possible. Gifting me with a love knot ring and a bumble bee Alex and Ani I always have a piece of them with me even if they aren’t physically here. My first night in the dorm was decent ( Pictures of my dorm are below). I felt weird and out of place but with the exhaustion from the day it was not hard for me to fall asleep. When I woke up the next morning the feelings of missing home smacked me like a sack of bricks. Now with the weekend just passing I felt like I should have been spending my Saturday night at home with my mom like I usually do. It’s going to be hard for me to learn that I really don’t have any plans unless I make them and being by myself doesn’t mean that I am alone.

I am excited and anxious to see what the next four years have to offer me here at Temple and in Philidelphia. I am nervous for my major but communication is something I enjoy and social influence is something I am passionate about. I plan to blog every Sunday from here on out and will give frequent updates on how my college experience is going.

Love,  J

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