Update: where have I been? College, work etc.

Hi guys!!
So some of you guys are probably wondering where I have been the past few months since I have not been posting on here that often. To answer your question, I have been working and getting ready to leave for college.

What have I been up to?

Between working 40-56 hour work weeks and shopping for school as well as squaring away any last minute things for college I have been super caught up in a lot. Just to give you an update of where I am at currently, I have most of everything I need to move into college. My move in day is the 24 and I begin classes the 28 ( AHHH!!!). I finish work this week ( thank god) and this weekend my family and I are moving my older sister back into school.
I am excited, nervous and super stressed to start college. I think the biggest fear for me is being financially responsible for my schooling now. I went to a private high school where my parents were in charge of paying my tuition and handling all of the financial aspects of that and now with college all of those burdens are now mine. I got a decent amount of help for school but still have a pretty heavy balance I need to pay before August 23 which has been the main thing stressing me out. Also, just the thought of finally being away from my family scares me but I know I have to do it. I know that even though my parents are super sad that I am leaving they're also very excited for me and proud of me.

What will happen to this blog when I leave go school?

I plan to hopefully blog A LOT more once I get to school because I will be in a bigger much more exciting city so I have fun ideas and topics to talk about with you guys. I plan to have a schedule of when I will blog and what days of the weeks my posts will be published that way it is easier for you guys to follow along and easier for me to fit into my schedule.

I hope this little update gives you some insight into what I've been up to and why I haven't been around. Thank you for still supporting me even when I don't post every day, week.
I have exciting and big plans for this blog as I move into the next big phase in my life so please stay tuned so you can have these experiences with me!
Love, J

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