Let Amber & her vulva live !! 

Let’s talk about this: If you know me you know how much I LOVE when women celebrate themselves and do things that they feel is liberating. With things like this, I know there are always mixed emotions as well as opinions.

One thing I have noticed is how many men have called her a whore, slut, thot, and hoe since she has posted this photo. I think it’s super interesting that the same men who sexualize EVERYTHING women do have a problem with this. You beg to see a naked body and when you do suddenly it’s a problem when a woman decides to display her body in a way that SHE FINDS liberating. Are we only allowed to celebrate our bodies when they’re sexy to men or when they make men feel good? Can we not celebrate our bodies by ourselves? A lesson we should all learn about our bodies is this; our bodies are our home. We will live in this body until we are long gone. Celebrate your body, nurture it, fill it with good things, decorate it and love it. Different things liberate different women and it is not anyone’s place to decide what that is. I think it is important that we clarify and understand a few things.

1. The number of clothes a woman is or isn’t wearing does not determine the amount of respect she has for herself.

2. Self-respect has nothing to do with anyone other than YOURSELF.

3. How much sex a woman is having is none of your got damn business and also does not determine the amount of respect she has for herself.

Also, we all came from vaginas. Why not celebrate them instead of acting like they’re foreign objects when we see them on social media/ tv, etc. Grow TF up.

#AmberRoseSlutWalk #PussyPower #BlkGrlsBlogToo


  1. SOWE · June 12, 2017

    I respect women who choose to use their powerful that lies in their minds, than in their bodies. Unfortunately, in our culture nakedness does not equate real power. We are living in a generation where in order to get ahead woman with little to no talent have to get on and off a pole, film a sex tape, or take naked pictures. It’s high time that this generation of young women give themselves what they deserve, keep their close on and lean in at the table. This is not how you empower yourself or move the needle on feminism. The only reason she got my attention is because you posted the picture for her.
    I would hope that with time and experience you will come to understand what true feminism stands for and what women’s right and equality were truly fought for….

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    • Justice · June 12, 2017

      Everyone has a difference in opinions when it comes to this I guess! I just think it is wrong to continue to exclude women due to the difference in their beliefs. I used to think nakedness and showing your body was extremely inappropriate and offensive but with my OWN experiences I have changed my mind with how I think about those things. I completely understand what feminism stands for in MY personal point of view and I understand what women’s rights and equality were “truly fought for”. Considering we both live completely different lives, financially, physically and emotionally it would be unfair to only paint feminism as I see it or how you see it. It’s also sad that women still judge other women for what they do and have done. Referring to “getting naked” or “getting on and off a pole” doesn’t in my opinion, decrease the respect and value I have towards women and would never push me to exclude them in the movement. If you want to fight for women fight for all women.


      • SOWE · June 12, 2017

        I am not excluding anyone. My criticism is strictly on the approach. I strongly believe we win with intellect. She will only be known as the woman who continues to bare it all. My background and who I am today is why I feel strongly about this. I’ve lived several lives, so I know of what I speak.

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      • Justice · June 12, 2017

        I believe and respect that you have lived many lives! Thanks for your input !

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  2. SOWE · June 12, 2017

    I appreciate your candor, but I disagree with her approach in bringing attention to her “slutwalk” organization. I can list over 50 women who are changing the world, their communities, their cities and they NEVER have to sexualize themselves…Unfortunately, this may be the only way Amber may think she feels she can garner any attention, but I promise little respect. Our empowerment doesn’t lie in taking our clothes on or off, it lies in our minds, our education, our brains…we affect change in how we speak…this is simply her continous ploy to do something that would “shock” social media to get attention…I would hope that you would have a different list of women that you admire and respect…if you need one, I can provide one.

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    • Justice · June 12, 2017

      I respect your opinion but in my feminism and beliefs id like to include all women even if their approach to empower are not the same as mine. I do believe our liberation and empowerment lies within our education, how we speak and within our brains but as I stated above; different things liberate different women. In regards to Amber “sexualizing” herself. Her slut walk includes people “despite their gender, sex, race, age, class, education, and profession aiming to call everyone together to bring awareness to sexual assault, victim blaming, derogatory language and also gender equality”. I do believe that Amber’s post was posted with the motivation to get people’s attention and that is exactly what it did. Her post sparked conversation and thought. Although you may not agree with her approach it got your attention. I do not wish for a different list of women to be inspired by because I personally feel their is tremendous value in being inspired by all women who make a decision to be apart of change and the movement for women. Feminism isn’t about excluding women who are not doing what you’re doing or women who are not “doing it right”. As far as respect goes, I simply feel that if one loses respect for a woman simply because of the clothes she has on or lack there of, their “respect for women” really never existed before.


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