Go kick some butt today! 

"Currently women represent 51% of the population, 57% of college graduates, half the work place, and 54 percent of voters but only hold 18 percent of the top leadership positions across all sectors."

– Nancy D. O'reily, PSYD: Leading women 

Although women are holding high numbers in population, education, graduates, voting and in work places, many women are not applying for leadership positions. I think some women feel that when they take a role in leadership or become a boss many people do not take them seriously because they are a woman. In the book that I am currently reading Leading Women many of these women that share their stories say that have not taken positions in leadership because leadership comes with power and tha word power can be threatening and offensive to others. Another woman also shared that the word power speaks to dominance and she did not want to be affiliated with that. My message to you any woman or girl who feels like they can't be a leader because they don't want to sound or look "bossy" is … take that role, apply for that job, speak up when you know shit is fucked up ! Do not allow others to project their fears and their beliefs onto you especially when it comes to your dreams. We as women are so powerful and can make such an impact if we start negating the preconceived ideas of how woman are "supposed to be".  

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