Senior Prom ✨

Last Friday was a bittersweet moment for me as I attended my last school event- ever. With only 17 days left of highschool I am realizing that highschool has been fun and has also been a whirlwind of emotions for me. Prom was fun and I enjoyed myself while talking, eating and dancing. These kind of events always make me feel good about my school and about myself ! 

I got my dress from renaissance bridal in York and when I was picking dresses out this dress was not one that I had picked out. It was barely holding onto a hanger next to my dressing room when my mom suggested that I try it on. When she suggested me to try it on I called her crazy. Anyone who knows me knows I enjoy wearing mainly dark colors, like grey or black so when she suggested green I was scared. I tried the dress on and instantly fell inlove but just to make sure I really loved it I tried on about 20 other dresses after that only to realize that the green dress was the one for me. 

Below are pictures from my prom day! 

Dress: renaissance bridal

Makeup/Hair: Tiffani Rose Cooley 

 facebook @ MarkedByTiffaniRose 

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