Useful ways to practice self care/love 

1. Read a self help book

2. Take some selfies 

3. Nap

4. Buy some flowers or something you’ve really been wanting. 

5. Rearrange your room 

6. Take a bath, use some bath bombs and just sit & soak for a while. 

7. Create a “To-Do list” 

8. Make an inspo board 

9. Journal 

10. Google uplifting quotes, motivational phone backgrounds. 

11. Declutter your room/house

12. Create a positive affirmation for yourself. 

13. Watch a TED talk. 

14. Play outside 

15. Say No to one thing every day. 

16. When you have a thought… write it down. 

17. Apologize when you ARE wrong. 

18. Use a planner. Decorate it, make it fun to use and look at. Use it more than your phone 

19. Record what you are thankful for everyday. 

20. Put your phone on the charger in another room when you go to bed. ( This one is HARD for me) 

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