Hades & Hera 🐶 

We got puppies!! 

I feel like I should have posted this so long ago because our puppies are 3 months old now but better late than never. 

I posted about our Dog Bella who we had to put down due to health issues. After Bella’s death my family swore up and down that we wouldn’t get any more dogs and that we would never be able to love another dog again…. well we lied. Months after putting Bella down a friend of my dads was selling puppies and my dad contemplated the idea for a while. After some thought he decided we were going to get another puppy. We got Hades and just a few days after we got Hera. NEVER in a million years did we ever think we would have two crazy puppies running around especially two Rottweiler puppies! We got the name Hades from the Greek God Hades who is the God of the underworld and we got the name Hera from Hade’s sister who is the Greek goddess of women and marriage. The names worked out perfectly and we are all so absolutely in love with our puppies. Although Hera is the small one out of the two she is vicious! She is so smart, so quick and always alert. She’s only three months and she can get up and down the steps on her own. Hades on the other hand is my big baby. Hades is smart but he isn’t as quick or alert as Hera. Me and my family joke that he’s the goofball because he’s HUGE and he’s clumsy. 

After we put Bella down I really never thought we would ever get another dog again. Im so glad we decided to get Hades & Hera because they helped to bring life and excitement back into our home and it’s so exciting to watch them grow. 

Hera’s full name is Hera Bella McNeil in honor of Bella and Hades full name is Hades Cyrus McNeil in honor of another Rottweiler we had while I was growing up. 

Above is Hera and below is Hades 
Follow their Instagram @Hades_and_hera 

Also, follow my sisters page @organicpawstries where she posts about all of the organic and grain free dog treats she makes. Our puppies love them! 

*P.s, all  photos pictured above were taken with IPhone 7+ camera.  


  1. jordyndallastaylor · April 20, 2017

    Wow great photos…and they are so cute!!! these are my puppies 🙂 https://theobsessionbegins.wordpress.com/2017/04/18/life-is-better-with-dogs-2/?frame-nonce=dfd6110ec1

    Liked by 1 person

    • Justice · April 20, 2017

      Thank you ! And wow it must be so fun having that many puppies run around all at once!!


      • jordyndallastaylor · April 20, 2017

        It gets pretty wild. They are all different ages and all different personalities!

        Liked by 1 person

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