Journal Topic: List 5 things you love about yourself

1. My hair
My hair, among many other things, ​has been something that I have struggled with for a very long time. When I was younger I relaxed my hair without knowing the damage it was doing to the beautiful kinky curly hair that I had. I relaxed it every school year for the first day of school because straight hair always meant “clean” and “neat” to me. I began going natural my freshman year of high school and although I still used a lot of heat on my hair, I began to trim my hair regularly, condition 24/7 and take care of my hair as much as I could. I have finally gotten to the point of loving my hair so much I celebrate it in photos and I love wearing it out and letting it do its own thing. Before, I used to never wear my hair out unless it was straight but now I feel so liberated and powerful when I wear it curly and let it style itself. I believe that when I began to really love my hair I finally began to love my entire self.

2.My ability to see the good in every situation regardless of how hard the situation was.
I have noticed that in troubling situations I am always able to see the positive side of things. Especially when I am giving advice to someone (especially my best friend) I always try to remind her to think of the good things and to try and see the brighter things in​ situations that might be hard to deal with. I love this about myself because it allows me to be level headed and also allows me to be aware of all of the aspects of every situation.

3. I love that I make people laugh and also can make myself laugh
I am a person that loves to make other people laugh and making people laugh is something that makes me feel good about myself. In my family, I would say me and my dad are the funniest people in my household so, in situations that we are supposed to be grown up, we usually are always joking around or laughing. It is good to be able to make yourself laugh and learn to laugh at things in life. Laughing helps me balance my emotions.

4. I love that I do not care about what other people think of me
As I mentioned in #1 I have struggled with loving myself a lot in the past and as I have grown and gotten a lot older while working on my confidence I have realized that what other people think and say about me is none of my business. I am confident in who I am and I am very self-aware so carrying the burden of worrying about how others see me is a waste of my time and energy.

5. My “go get it” attitude
With working for the last three years and learning that I absolutely love to work and be independent​ I have noticed that I have a “go and get it” type of attitude. Everything that I​ have is because of myself. A lot of teens my age have the assistance of their parents when it comes to supporting themselves financially but since I have been working the financial burden of taking care of me has been slightly lifted from my parents. This type of attitude has helped me with my confidence in the decisions I have made and will continue to make and it has also helped reminding me that I​ can do anything as long as I work for it.

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