Healing & Self-care

I have been following a healing page on Instagram for quite some time now. The page is called @Wehealtoo and it is for anyone who is in their healing process from a situation that has required some healing. I love this page because it is just oozing with love and positivity and it helps me to take a minute to stop and think about things. This page does a Journal Topic every day on topics such as self-love​, strengths and weaknesses, self-care plans, health, ​etc. I usually take these journal topics and write them down in a personal journal but I thought since this blog is a platform for growth, sisterhood, and conversation, that I would just start sharing my journal topic entries with you all! I will be doing a journal topic every day and if I am too busy to post one every day​ my hopes are to post at least two a week. I want you guys to comment on the posts in reply to the journal topics and I also hope that you take the journal topics into consideration when journaling on your own. Below I have attached a picture of this Instagram page so that you can follow them and keep up with their journal topics and daily posts. I am excited to share my journey of growth and healing with you all and I wish that you will share yours with me as well.

Love, J

#Healing #JournalTopic 

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