Women’s March on Washington- Why it is Important to me as a black female

On January 21, around 10:00 am thousands of women, men and, children set out to march on the nations capital Washington D.C. Not only did the march take place in D.C but there were also marches held in California, Mexico, France, Spain etc.

I had been hearing about this march for a while and I wanted to join but I knew it was on a Saturday that I was scheduled to work and although Washington is not far from me, since I do not drive yet I knew I would’ve had to find  transportation to get there. Luckily I found someone to cover my shift and I found a way to get to Washington D.C on the morning of the march.

I was super excited to be attending the march and to be apart of history. There were thousands of women and the atmosphere felt beautiful. I felt so strong and empowered and loved! To be around that many women, who have similar views as mine, fighting for the same things that I am fighting for made me feel unstoppable.

After the march I took to Instagram and Facebook with some of the photos I took at the march and with some of my thoughts and I discovered some woc were not too happy about the march. Before I continue let me first explain why some woc were not okay with the march. WOC have been oppressed for years, we’ve never been equal to white men or women, we have always been at the bottom of society. Some WOC find it disrespecful and annoying that we have been oppressed for so long and people expect us to just be okay with that but when white women become oppressed or their rights begin to get snatched from them, there is an uproar in society and all hell breaks loose. Our wants and our needs for ourselves and for our families have never been a priority to this country and they still are not today. We feel like, once again something that we have created has been snatched from us by white people just so they can use it to their benefit when shit gets bad for them. There has always been a huge divide between white feminism and black feminism. White feminism was birthed and created off the backs of black women, black women helped to bring oppression and inequality to the light but when they did no one ever felt that their needs were that important for something to be done.

Now, even though I agree that feminism was birthed from black women and black women are and have always been oppressed I do not believe that we as black women should throw our hands in the air and wear our shoulders on our ears when there are events like the Women’s March On Washington. I think we should take opportunities like this one to unite with our fellow sisters, and encourage one another to go out and to be a voice for our communities. I was at the march and among all of the thousands of women there were not many black women, but when I looked on twitter there were woc wishing there was an event “for them” and wishing that there was something they could do. This march is for you! How are we supposed to grow as a black community if we never show up for each other? We have to join other communities who have a place of privilege in society and we  have to work with them to let them know why we are fighting. When I saw all of the anger towards the Women’s March from women on social media I began to call it “lazy anger”. A lot of people want to be angry at what is happening in our country and world today, because lets face it; shit is going down. Many people want to be mad as hell and rant on Facebook and twitter and go at it with people who don’t share the same views, but what are you actively, physically doing. Sure, you can keep hash tagging and supporting movements on Instagram and Facebook but if you’re going to be angry be actively angry, be involved! If you feel like there is not a march that represents you, then organize one that does, if you feel like your community is not being heard or seen, be the voice and the light for your community. Anger is good, I honestly do feel like without anger most things that the black community has accomplished, probably would not be accomplished but you have to make sure you are using your anger and frustration in a positive way. Martin Luther King was angry, so he took it upon himself to organize and unite his community, Malcolm X, Rosa Parks, to name a few were all angry but they used their anger in ways that were going to benefit their communities.

This March meant a lot to me as a woman of color because I want to be the voice for the women in my family and for the women in my life that have fought for me. As a woman of color I feel like it is my job to take a lead in events and movements like this since feminism was found and created by women of color. This march was my first protest that I have ever attended and I am so glad that I did. I learned so much about women, men and, humanity. I plan to continue to participate in events like this one in the near future and I hope that this posts encourage you all to get involved in your communities ! At a time like this in our country I think it is especially important that we are uplifting and educating our communities and making sure that no matter what, we have each others backs! 

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