Digital Detox Update:

Okay so today I am feeling really anxious like I want to log back onto social media. 

I didn’t go to homecoming so I don’t really have anything to post but I just feel like I’m missing out right now on a lot of things especially with voting day coming up Tuesday I know there are some pretty hilarious memes on twitter I’m probably missing out on. Also, McCaskey’s homecoming was yesterday and I love seeing everyone’s pictures and outfits so I hate that I’m missing that as well. I’m thinking I’ll probably get my social media back December 1 because I’m not sure how much longer I want to be away from it. It has been hard somedays. 

Also, when I get back to social media i am planning and working on some themes for my Twitter and instagram so they both can look a lot prettier and neater ! I’m excited to get back on I’ve been away from it for so long but I’m going to try and follow through without breaking any rules! 

Stay tuned for more blog posts, I will be posting about my big trip coming up!!🙈✨

Love, J

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