Bella ✨

Yesterday, me and my family had to say goodbye to the sweetest dog in the entire world. Bella, she was a Rottweiler and about 10 years old. Back in march she had a tumor the size of a baseball on the outside of her skin just behind her neck so like any family would, we took her to the vet and got it removed. But since then Bella seemed to be getting worse, she began to get slower, she was not excited anymore, she barely barked and she didn’t run anymore, and she had difficulty moving up and down the steps.  This past month is when it got bad. Bella was 115 pounds and when we took her into the vet yesterday she was only 78 pounds. The last three days she didn’t eat and she stayed in the same place all day unless she was forced to move. Below is a picture of her just from a few weeks ago and you can visibly see her weight loss. The vet said that the tumor she had back in march was obviously cancerous and had spread in her internally and all of the small hard tumors she had down her back and all around her belly area were cancerous. Below that picture is a picture of her from this summer which was only two months ago. The difference is really sad. 

We got Bella when I was in the second grade. I was small and enthusiastic about our new puppy at the time. I grew up with Bella always making sure that I was safe and okay. Now being a senior in high school I was the one taking care of Bella and making sure she was safe and okay. She was such an amazing dog and I never imagined the death of an animal to have the affect that Bella has had on me but I am hurt. She wasn’t just an animal she was like another sibling for me. 

She left the same way she came, in the arms and comfort of her sisters (my oldest sister and I)  and my other sister one FaceTime, waiting in the room with Bella and her vets while they injected her with what I call “sleepy” medicine but it is the youthenization medicine. As they injected it into Bella it was hard to watch my lifetime bestfriend slip away and out of life so fast. For so long I was her baby but the roles reversed and she became my baby in her last couple of years. The house will definitely feel different without her here. Coming home from school and work will feel weird without her at the door wagging her tail and excited to see me. But I am happy she is out of suffering and pain and I hope she’s in heaven chilling with my Pop-Pop. 

 I will never ever forget the love I have for Bella or the impact that she left on my life. She was such an outstanding dog and will be missed tremendously.  

Rest easy baby girl 💓✨ 

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