A few days ago Donald trump said that if he becomes president blacks will be able to walk down the street without being killed. Every time Donald trump speaks he doesn’t ever hesitate to point out the flaws in our country and following that he suggests things that he will do to “better” America. He says “let’s make America great again” which simply implies that America right now is not great. When Trump says things like that he is often praised and cheered for. Collin Kaepernick literally did the same thing when he decided to protest the National Anthem. He said he didn’t do it because he does not want to honor a flag that has oppressed his people and so many people of Colour. He, In a way, is saying  “America isn’t great” and we need to fix our flaws and start protecting our people and instead of the reaction that Donald trump gets, Kaepernick is bullied, booed, questioned by opposing teams and team owners and the media seems to be dragging his name through the mud. But when Donald trump says those same things he is praised? And looked at as if he has said something that no one else has said? What could be the difference?

The only difference is that these things are coming from a racist and one is coming from someone who sees a problem in our country and is fighting to fix it.

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