Digital Detox

So lately I have noticed that my social media craze has gotten to an all time high. It got so bad that I noticed I couldn’t even sit in class for ten minutes without checking my phone for a text,  tweet or like. I would go to work and wonder what was happening on twitter and Instagram and it started to really piss me off that I couldn’t go acouple of hours without my phone. Also I have three SAT tests and one ACT test that I really need to study for and focus on so I really can’t afford to live with this obsession.

So as a result of my recent behavior I have made the decision to completely delete all of my social media accounts and be totally free of them for four months. During this time I want to observe how different my social life becomes and how and if I improve in my academics at all. I deleted my accounts on the first of September and I must admit at first it wasn’t easy because I was so stuck In the routine of checking my phone and keeping my face glued to my screen but now with it only being the ninth, I have already noticed some changes. I am much more focused in school, I am much more engaged in face to face conversation and I am able to set my mind on other things like reading or writing. In this time of not having social media I have managed to read one book and start another. I thought since I am giving up a bad habit, why not pick up a good one! I am going to be reading two books every month and I will choose one of those books to blog about. I will give a review, rate and what I liked/ didn’t like about the book.


Also, if you can’t already tell this social media project has been named “Digital Detox”  and I will post updates every week (most likely Sundays) of how I’ve been doing without social media. I know once the holidays and homecoming come around it will definitely be hard for me to stay off of twitter and Instagram but I am really going to try!

Stay tuned for updates on my detox and upcoming book reviews!

Love, J


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