Collin Kaepernick 

The backlash and heat that Collin Kaepernick is receiving from the media, mostly the white media goes to show that white people are expecting nothing more from us than what they want. We are only great when we are playing football or basketball, or singing and performing or running and playing tennis. We are only great when it is to their benefit. When we start to think on our own and to think for ourselves to point out the injustices in society and point out the racism in our country, that is when white people begin to get angry. As if it’s something new, or as if we’ve made all of the inequities up and they are all just exaggerated situations that black people fight for. Collin Kaepernick chose not to stand during the national anthem because he felt like with everything going on in the US  today there really is no reason to stand or to be proud of a flag that has oppressed black people for centuries.  With everything going on against blacks he felt that he could fight the fight against racism by showing that he does not stand or agree with what is going on.

My question to white people would be, why are you so upset? Is it because he can think on his own and actually has well-thought feelings? Or is it that he is fighting for a cause that doesn’t directly affect you? I mean, to be honest, white men and women are not the ones being killed by police. It’s black men and women so you would have no reason to be concerned with this movement, would you? He’s a biracial footballer player who believes in the importance of black lives and for whatever reason, that makes America so uncomfortable. The fact that some of his fans are posting videos of them burning his jersey (like the one below) or saying hurtful things about him and his family is crazy. All because he chose to stick up for something that is important to him, I think it is disgusting that so many people are going to such far lengths to disrespect him.

We are supposed to be “land of the free home of the brave”. When one of us tries to be brave we are reminded of why we shouldn’t be and when we are trying to exercise our right of being free, so many people remind us that we really truly are not.


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