Lemonade is for black women/girls 

As we all know Beyonce dropped her visual album last night on HBO and the world went INSANE!!! I know I did atleast. There were so many emotions and questions that I had while watching her videos and listening to her lyrics. As I continued to watch and read the somethings online I realized this album is for black women and girls only. Beyonce is standing in solidarity with all of us. Of course white girls will fall in love with this album and sing these songs but when it comes to the root of these songs, this is pain and these are experiences that only black women or woc experience and I think it is important that we acknowledge that. 

She represented so many things in this album and it goes so much deeper than it just being another album or another couple of songs!!!! This album will change lives and peoples views on things. Beyonce never disappoints me !!! Her work on this album is so beautiful, she showed strength, pride, vulnerability, hurt and honor all at the same time !!! 

Music has definitely changed for me. 


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