Milk & Honey book review. 

Rupi Kaur really poured her heart out into this book of poems. Although it is just poems there are some that will literally make your stomach drop when you read them because they’re just that deep. I know there were a few of them that I read and I was just like “damn”. I honestly didn’t know what to say. Her book is in phases. It begins with “the hurting” then transforms into “the loving” and then ends with “the healing” 

The “hurting” phase was the deepest part of the book for me and I know it’s in the beginning and normally in a regular book you wouldn’t start with the juiciest part of the story in the beginning but Rupi begins her book very heavy. She has poems in here talking about rape and molestation and taking advantage of women’s bodies and she has poems of physical, emotional and mental abuse. And the loving part had beautiful poems in it that display strength and growth within her as a person. 

I think I fell in love with this book so much because of how she wrote it. The phases of the book makes it feel like you’re reading an actually story of a girl who is Strugglig but then heals and is able to love again and you can tell all of this just by reading though the poems in this book. Her poems are so raw and so real I feel like she was so open when she wrote this and this book was her being honest with herself. I give this book five stars and recommend it to everyone !!! 

A few of my many favorite poems from this book: 

“You are your own soul mate.”

“The goddes between your legs makes mouths water”

“We are all born so beautiful.

The greatest tragedy is being convinced that we are not”

“If the hurt comes, so will the happiness”

“If you were born with the weakness to fall you were born with the strength to rise”

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