Alex Elle’s *NoteToSelf Meditation Journal- Book Review

As I shared a few months back I purchased Alex Elle’s meditation journal. I had been following her for many years before knowing she’d ever come out with a journal. I love her writing, I love her energy and her words of encouragement all of the time. When ever I’m down and out and need a “pick me up” I search her name on instagram and I just scroll through her page and read her words and I am okay again.  So when she came out with her journal I was more than excited to purchase it. I am all about self love and care and like I have mentioned in previous posts, I believe self care and love are the two most important things in the world ! Her journal focusing on the heeling process of self love. On every page it has a question that is followed by a “dear self” “my intentions for today are…” “I am thankful for” “I will accomplish …” And I am going to enjoy and work on….” 

It gives you writing prompts. You just have to fill in what you are thankful for, going to accomplish, etc. I love how her journal is set up and designed. The natural color of the journal gives it a “peaceful” feel to it and the organization of the journal is nice as well. She gives a place for the date and time and at the bottom of the page there is a number line for you to circle how many minutes you spent in meditation. Sometimes I spend two minutes in meditation and sometimes I spend twenty- thirty minutes. It all depends on what is on my mind that day. Her journal also correlates with the phases of the moon. And in the back of the journal she has the phases of the month within the month of the year they occur in. And it’s interesting to read what phase of the moon is taking place in your own birth month. 

My only critique or piece of Cristism for this journal is that I personally feel like there isn’t enough space provided to write a lot. I write big and some days I write a lot in response the the prompted questions and I run out of room to write. I think if she would have given alittle more space to write it would’ve been nice but other than that I absolutely love the journal and plan to buy the rest of them because there is a Volume one and a Volume two. This journal has honestly really helped me with self love and heeling from other things that have happened in my life. It just gives me time to reflect and to be honest with myself because when I write I pour everything that I am thinking or feeling onto the page and that for me helps with dealing with my emotions and my troubles in life. I highly, highly recommended this journal to everyone!!!  

Alex Elle can be found on instagram at 



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