#GIRLBOSS book review 

Girls boss

So  I have finished reading #GIRLBOSS and I LOVED it! In the beginning she mentions how the book is not a feminist manifesto and it’s not meant to show how her feminism helped her get to where she is at. It’s literally her life story, her challenges, success and the low points in her life when she felt like she really wasn’t going anywhere. 

She tells how her business is started and she gives tips and advice on how to get through everyday life situations. 

From hitch hiking, to uprooting and moving to LA, to sleeping with strangers she really tells it all! 

I love this book so much because with all of the mistakes she made and all of the decisions she made that weren’t always the best you never hear her say she regrets any of the choices she made. Because somehow even the bad ones helped her to get to where she is. An I think that is a powerful lesson to remember while going trough life. 

Even though we make decisions and choices we shouldn’t, somehow those decisions will help to have an impact on where our lives will go. Everything that we do should be in the best interests for ourselves. 

“I often wondered, was this a choice ? Because it sure as hell doesn’t always feel like it. But I did choose it – even if growing a huge business was never my singular goal, every small choice that I made along the way was something that contributed to where I am now. Everytime I got up in the morning instead of saying “screw it” and sleeping in,everytime I spent a few extra minutes on a product description to make it perfect, I was choosing my fate and sowing the seeds of my future. It’s really hard to chart the path that led here, but it happened, and I did it.” 

She also talks about “luck” and how she doesn’t believe in it. She believes we shape the situations that happen in our lives (some of them) practical situations like accomplishing our goals or achieving something. When it comes to goals you should always shoot for the stars, and that is what she did. She started Nasty Gal as just a thing for her to do to kill time at the time she started the website she was working as a security guard and that is how she passed time. She had no idea that it would ever be as big as it is and she credits only to herself. It’s not by fate or luck that got her this far. 

I think that’s an important thing to remember when we are trying to accomplish things.  We and only we can control the decisions, the time and the effort we put into something. Therefore it is not by luck that we win or lose. It is by our own self and our own energy. 

“Focus on the positive things in your life and you’ll be shocked at how many more posturing things start happening. But before you start to think you just got lucky, remember that it’s magic, and you made it yourself.” 

This book not only encouraged me to work harder at what I am passionate for but it also opened my eyes up to realize that EVERYONE fails, everyone has bad days and sometimes feels like they’re the only ones who have it bad. It’s normal, the important thing is to remain persistent and to always stay focused on what you love and what brings you the upmost joy in your life. 

So today, whatever you do. Do it with passion, love, persistence, drive and be a #Girlboss while doing it !!!

P.s I realized I promised I’ve have this uploaded last month but my phone broke so I had to order a new one and I had the book review typed up on my notes on my old phone which I had to send back so it was all a big mess and that is why I am delayed. But it is finally here and I hope you enjoy reading it and I hope this encourages you to read the book! 

My next book will be announced soon! 

Love, J 💗

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