Read,read ,read !!

When I was little I HATED reading. My parents always read to us when we were smaller, they’d read us stories before bed and things like that. We actually still have most of the books from my childhood. 

But when I was smaller I couldn’t stand reading. I could never find books that interested me and kept my attention. And I ALWAYS judged a book by its cover. I know that’s the golden rule to reading, (not to judge a book by its cover) but I always did. If the book wasn’t pretty on the outside I wouldn’t pick it up. 

Now that I’m older I have realized how incredibly important reading is for you. Not only can it help with understanding how to read, write and communicate it also helps with other things like mental health and coping with depression and substituting other things for reading. 

I read almost every night when I can and I mostly read poetry before bed, only because it’s pretty soothing and relaxing and I like to put myself to sleep by thinking and analyzing what I just read about. 

One thing I always tell myself now is that “other than learning to think for yourself, reading and writing are the two most important things I can learn how to do”. There is NOTHING better than educating yourself and it’s great if you start with reading a book. 
Like my daddy always says “you’re bored? Go read a book”

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