Don’t just pay attention when it’s pretty 

I’ve observed through my own social media pages and through multiple pages that I follow that people tend to get more likes on photos that have to do with clothes, shoes, food or a “hipster” photo or a photo with good lighting or a good camera angle. I have also noticed that when people set “themes” onto their profiles they tend to have more followers because their pages are “pretty” to look at and the things they post are happy and sugar coated. 

Now here’s why I have a problem with people on social media and people who only pay attention when it is pretty. When I post things about #BlackLivesMatter or #OscarsSoWhite or environmental racism in the US and inequalities within the work force between men and women, colorism, sexism etc. I get little to no likes because it does not appeal to people as something that is pretty. See society loves to brush things under the rug as if they don’t exist. We love to avoid talking about racism because it’s “uncomfortable” we love to avoid talking about sexism and colorism because we think it “doesn’t exist”. 

This mainly targets my generation. We have become so blind to the things happening around us because we are way to wrapped up in what filter to use, what caption to write, how many likes we’ll get or how many likes we do get and how many people are following us. 

And I will admit sometimes I need to find the right filter and the best caption but I do not become so consumed in my profile that I forget to post the ugly sides too, the sides that we don’t like talking about and the sides that aren’t as pretty to see. 

Many, many people I know only post the good sides of life. The pictures of them going on vacation or them instagraming their latest trip to Starbucks. Rarely ever do I see people my age post about things that actually matter, and things that are happening and trying to make people aware of what is happening around us. I think we forget that when we enter our 20’s and 30’s we will have to then deal with the issues that we are trying to avoid how. 

The only way things will change in the way things are happening, starts with us. The teenagers of this time. My generation. It starts within us but we have to start paying attention even if it’s not pretty. 
(Just something that was on my mind. Thought I’d share) 


Love, J 💗 

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