Beyonce- formation

So if you haven’t heard, beyonce came out with a new song which she released yesterday and I am completely in love!!!!

Now I know a lot of people really don’t like it ( white people) not ALL white  people of course but What I’ve observed from Twitter and facebook a lot of white people are upset with the use of the word Negro!! (Lol how ironic!) Lets be honest Beyonce gives zero fucks in this song. She is addressing police brutality, the after math of hurricane Katrina, she addresses the hate she recieves for her daughter Blue’s natural hair and she also addresses people’s rude and hateful comments towards her husbands “large nose”, and she addresses and denies the false claims made against the success of her career. She states that everything that she has is due to her hard work as a successful black women and is not due to the work of anyone else ( “haters corny with that illuminati mess”) 

A lot of people do not understand why this is such a big deal to us, black people, black girls. A song like this helps us to liberate ourselves, when beyonce says “I like my negro nose with Jackson five nostrils” she is basically saying that she likes her husbands large nose regardless of what people say. She has black girls as her background dancers with their natural hair and when she says “I like my baby hair, with baby hair and Afro” she is saying that she likes Blue’s hair nappy and out and natural the way it is supposed to be because in society “nappy hair” or “natural hair” is not normal or favored but beyonce is telling y’all that it’s normal to her and that she likes it that way!!! She does not apologize for the things she says in this song and she really shouldn’t have to. Black people should not have to. This song celebrates who we are. 

So often black people are looked at for their features being trends like their hair, their lips, noses, butts etc. beyonce is telling y’all that this is the way we are, we are proud to be this way and that we love ourselves regardless of the hate that is thrown on us by society and our features and the way we look shouldn’t even be talked about but since it is she is going to address it in the way that she did!!!  Her video and song is unapologetically black !!!! And that within its self is liberating as a young black girl, because I too, like my hair with baby hair and Afro!!!! 
Always stay gracious best revenge is your paper 😉 


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