Ida B Wells-Barnett

Ida was a civil rights activists, teacher, mother, wife, women’s rights activist, journalist and one of the first women to start their own newspaper. 

Ida wrote about lynchings in America and how white people were using them as a form of intimidation and discipline for blacks. 

She really helped to shine a light on lynchings and opened the eyes of many people. Ida also started one of the first all black kindergarten classes. 

She was also one of the first women of her day to keep her maiden name while also having her husbands name and about 72 years before rosa parks refused to give up her seat, Id B Wells was on a bus and sat in the front instead of the back and refused to move and was then esscorted by police off of the bus. 

I aspire to be like Ida in my writings. She was raw and real and she did not sugar coat what was going on around her. Her goal was to educate and tell the truth and she pushed as a women in America to get and accomplished what she knew she deserved. 



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