Love yourself the best way that YOU know how. 

We as women, have been taught that expressing and celebrating our bodies by taking pictures, the way we dress and or the way we use ourbodies is disgusting, and that we should be “modest” and remain wholesome until we find the “right man” and that’s when our bodies become important as if  we are obligated to save our bodies for a man, so that he can tell us how special and beautiful it is instead of teaching girls young that their bodies are already special and beautiful. 

We have been taught for so long that we are to stay covered and that if we show too much we are a hoe, or “thirsty” or one of the famous lines “not respecting ourselves”. And that, that right there is the reason why so many women HATE their bodies. Society has fixed our eyes onto one way of living, one way of how we should look and one way of how we should act as females and I think it’s a bunch of bullshit. Being only 16 I am going through the roughest time in highscool of finding out who I am, trying everthing to love myself even more than I did the day before and  I have learned that the only way to do that is to express myself in a way that I know how and not how society or men or anyone is telling me to!!!  And no one has to like it. Im not asking anyone to agree with it because I do. If we continue to live our lives only to fit the standards set by people around us, we really have not lived our lives. We’ve lived someone else’s. 

Love, J 

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