Book talk updates, change the series name? And how far am I?

So in my post explaining the book talks I mentioned that I would read a selection of books and then write a review for you guys so that I can either encourage you to read them or I can save you sometime and help you to know what is a bad book. 

I am still going to write the reviews and give my point of view and my opinion.  I just wanted to let you guys know that the books I ordered, #girlboss, milk & honey and my Alex Elle note to self journal, did arrive in the mail last week and I started them right away. I am almost about halfway through #Girlboss and I have been reading about five poems a night from milk and honey so I should have a review and analysis for you guys in the next coming weeks. 

Also, I am thinking about changing this series name. Instead of “book talks” I was thinking “reading with J” that just makes it more personal and I feel like it’s alittle more exciting then “book talks”. Idk I will make a decision in the next couple of days. 

I’m excited to share these books and journals with you guys and I hope you like it and enjoy reading my reviews when they get out. I will talk to you in alittle while.  💗 

Love, J

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