“These are my confessions” 

So I want to start a little mini series of acouple of my confessions of things I do every now and again that no one knows about. I want to do maybe two or three every so often because I think it’d be fun to read!! I am in the works of planning and brainstorming other mini series I can do on my blog to keep you guys entertained and connected with me. Just Stay tuned there is more coming !

So for my first confessions: 

1. When I wear a tight fitted shirt I always suck my stomach in the whole time I’m wearing it. I feel like everyone can see my fat roles 😂 

2. Sometimes when I use the bathroom I like to talk to myself and pretend I am on a tv show being interviewed. 

3. When I ride the bus to school and I listen to music I always like to pretend I am in a music video or that I’m the main singer of the song and I have back up singers (in my head). 

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