Goodmorning happy people!!  

I know it is not Monday but my friend just contacted me on Monday to ask me if I’d be interested in participating in a movement her and two of her close friends are starting. It’s called the “no make up Monday” challenge or movement and when she asked me at first I was alittle taken back and shy but now that I have had time to think about it I think it is a wonderful movement and a wonderful hashtag to start! 

We as women are pressured every single day of our lives, whether it be by the public, friends or even sometimes our family to look a certain way. This movement is telling us women and young girls that it is okay to be pretty with no makeup. YOU ARE PRETTY WITH NO MAKEUP! Now this isn’t saying that you should trash all of the makeup you’ve ever purchased and stop wearing it but it is saying that as females we should learn to love our natural selves! And be happy with who we are and the skin that we are in! This is also saying that we can be pretty at other things too! We can be pretty smart, pretty tough, pretty creative and pretty daring! Your looks do not define the person that you are and this is exactly why I love this movement!!! Everyone is beautiful in there own skin and their own way and we should all keep that in mind! So if anyone in my blog audience is reading this post I encourage you next Monday to post a selfie of you without makeup and use one word in the comment section to describe your personality and what makes you different from another individual ! 

You are all beautiful to me and should all know that ❤️

Love ya !! 

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