DIY Graduation/Birthday Party decoration ideas ! 

So on Saturday my family and I enjoyed a perfect graduation/ birthday party for my second oldest sister who just turned 18 and is going to be leaving to college in just a couple of weeks. So we thought it would be fun to throw her a going away/ birthday party ! 

I came up with the center pieces which are in the picture below. We got the mason jars from Christmas tree shop and we got six of them for 1.99 I believe and we bought the clear marbles from the dollar store, the burlap string from target in the dollar section and we got the floating candles from target as well. We do not like to spend tons of money on decorations especially when it isn’t a very formal or fancy party. The center pieces were great party decorations and everyone loved them!  

My sisters favorite color is turquoise so the main color was turquoise and we complemented it with white assecories and silver balloons. The eating tables and gift tables were very cute and simple and we hung little tissue puff balls from the trees which made everything look really girly and simple.  

For another cute decoration my sister thought of the idea of printing pictures of herself out from when she was a baby to now as a teenager and we hung them on a burlap string near the gift table and everyone really loved this decoration! It was really personal and brought back a lot of memories for everyone who saw the pictures! I definitely recommend this idea for a birthday party and especially for a graduation party!! It is cheap and ask so really cute.  

Regardless of the occasion whether is it a birthday, Christmas, a graduation or just a normal day my family loves to celebrate through food so of course we had tons of food !! My mom loves to bake and cook so we had a lot of cookout food like chips, chicken, macaroni salad, fruit salad etc. my mom also had a dessert table where she put treys of cookies and jars of candy so people could make themselves a little take home bad.  

For the gift table my mom made a card box just from a normal box we had laying around and she cut a little square out of it and wrapped it in wrapping paper and made a bow out of burlap and then hot glued a “T” onto the box to personalize it more.  This is a good idea for a gift table that way when people bring cards they are getting throw around or potentially lost throughout the party! 


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