I’d thank him too 

He told me that if we were ever to break up he would thank me. And after he said this I couldn’t help but to ask “why?”

He told me that he would thank me for all the experiences that i have shared with him, for recognizing his flaws but still loving him past them. For knowing that he is not perfect but for my willingness to work with him. He’d thank me for loving him in times when he didn’t or couldn’t love himself. He told me that if we were ever to break up that I would always have a place in his heart because I have loved him in a way that cannot be forgotten. 

I then realized at that moment. Love is not about what you can take but what you can give. You can give some one experiences, forgiveness and time. You can give your patience and love them with your whole heart. It is about originality and vulnerability. Love is sacrificing who you are for who you can become. We often think of love  being an easy innocent thing. But love is not easy nor is it innocent. It will make mistakes, it will set you outside of your comfort zone, it will make you make decisions that your head won’t agree with but your heart will. But that is why being able to love someone in such a way that all they have is gratitude in return, is such a beautiful thing. 

So, I understood why he said he would thank me. And I replied to him ” I would thank you too” 


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