This Saturday my sister graduated from high school and although it is a very exciting, overwhelming and wonderful thing for her. It is also a scary thing. Just a couple of weeks ago she used to need permission to use the bathroom and now she’s going to be out in the “real world” some might say, and I just want to know what’s next. What is next for her. She knows what she wants to study in college and she has plans for herself but what is next for her emotionally and mentally. We often look at graduations as a symbol of finishing something but I look at it as a symbol of the beginning of something else. Especially for my sister. This is the beginning of new beginnings for her. She will venture out into new territories of life, she will have trials and tribulations and she will have ups and downs but I know with her motivation and drive she will be able to push forward and accomplish all that she is set out for. 

It has always been us. Since elementary school, to middle school, to highschool. It has always been her and I.  

  But now as she begins to plan for college and buy essentials that she might need I am starting to feel anxious. I’m starting to feel anxious because we are best friends and although I have two older sisters and I am extremely close to my oldest sister me and my middle sister have something special. 

  We are much closer in age and experience. She was the one that helped me make friends and guided me around school when I needed her to. She is my biggest supporter and I just don’t quite think I can do highschool by myself. But like I said in the beginning most people look at a graduation as a symbol of completion. But I look at it as more of a commencement, something that is the start of something beginning. So maybe that’s exactly what our relationship is. Our relationship has met its commencement date and it is the start of new things for her and I. Although I will miss her terribly while she is away. I know that this is where she belongs and this is what I want for her. I couldn’t be happier for her and the things that she had already accomplished and for the things that she is going to accomplish  


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