Me ! 

Although I have a brief summary of who I am in the bio tab under my profile. I thought it would be appropriate to share a little more detailed version of that. 

My name is Justice Denee McNeil and I am a Jr in high school. I have three siblings, my mom and dad and two dogs.  

  I live in the suburbs of Lancaster and go to a Christian private school. Some of my interests are sports such as softball, basketball and football. I love to write, I try to journal often and I love to share my opinions with others and converse with other people about different topics. I am very social ! I am very fickle, I love change and having something new or starting something that I have never done and I love to switch things up in my life so that it’s not always uniform. 

I began writing and publishing my blog in the summer of 2014 in the month of July. I post a lot on facebook and my aunt one day had suggested that I start a blog so I could have a bigger platform to share my interest so I began making one. Ever since I have fallen in love with the idea that I am a “blogger” and I hope to become a publicist in the future ! My blog has motivated me to live a very diverse life, because I have noticed that many bloggers come from many different backgrounds and lifestyles and diversity is fine with me and it’s not just because I am black, white and Puerto Rican 😉 but it is because diversity means interest and when you have interest you are interested and when you’re interested you grow and you learn and I am only 16 so I have a lot of growing and learning to come. My blog is basically my online journal of my life and experiences as a teenage girl and it is also about my struggles and success as a teenage girl and I hope as it grows and goes on. My readers and followers learn, enjoy and grow with me! 


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